Hello and Welcome to my portfolio!

I would like to introduce my personal statement and description of my Communication Studies Bachelor degree at San Jose State University.By entering my portfolio you will have access to some of my projects and research that I have completed throughout my years at the University. You will also have access my resume and website. Enjoy!

Being able to clearly communicate and think critically in the workforce is a skill all employer’s desire. The Communication Studies major means that I have an advantage over my peers due to my ability to lead and understand today’s constantly connected world. My bachelor in Communication Studies have thought me the importance and the ability to put to practice effective communication techniques in the heart of Silicon Valley. By completing journals, interviews, projects, presentations, research I have developed skills of leadership, cultural influences, organizational communication etc.

By studying and practice the theories of communication studies in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, I have an advantage over my peers due to the constantly changing developments of technologies and the hard work ethic that is required. I have grown intellectually in many ways because of the projects and assignments in my four years at San Jose State University.


Career Goals

My career goals are many but my major career goals are to work as a journalist and a  fashion editor. I am also interested in entrepreneurship since I have taken a lot of business classes aside of my Communication Studies classes. I have also found a passion for law after taking two law classes. Being the captain of the Women’s Golf Team I have practiced leadership and teamwork, which is very interesting and important.

Course Mapping          

For information regarding the upper division courses specified in the field of Communication that I have completed please open this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/182B1_CD63qMvWvU6_dYOvglpUUX7YtXKQrqojhfWWIg/edit


Foundation Area:

The classes that I took in the area of foundation I learned the fundamentals in the field of Communication Studies. In the area of foundation I was required to demonstrate the basic understanding of the major theories that have shaped the field of communication, including historical developments and current trends. The area of foundation also covers ethics where I had to demonstrate understanding of ethical responsibilities in communicating with others in interpersonal, organizational, small group, intercultural, mediated and public settings.

In the project “Initial Reflection Essay”, I had the chance to research media and its influence on women. By describing two different scholarly articles related to my research question I will look into how fashion magazines influence women to portray themselves as perfect. Since my research question is about how fashion magazines can influence women to portray themselves as perfect, this project will provide information from researching different articles to find the reasons behind the powerful influence of magazines. I will describe the field communication and a description on what scholarly articles that interested me the most including a research. I will also provide a summary of two articles related to my research question. The last part of my essay will describe my future goals followed by a conclusion.

Below is the link to my “Initial Reflection Essay”, please open the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SaaY_5Vxk53_W0ZuNuY_Tp3KQh0NRvyJ8d5XnFcfR1M/edit

My other project in the area of foundation is from my Interpersonal Communication class. This project is different compared to the rest since this project is from the characteristics of ethics and it covers different concepts and how they can be applied into my own life. This project taught me the importance of interpersonal communication in our personal life as well as how we handle situations in our professional lives.

Access the essay by opening this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tou3boaOfPPkpveRmZ8FcJ2DH6eNii50R-FGWK3IRIc/edit


Inquiry Area:

In the area of Inquiry the purpose behind the projects are the ability to establish relationship between or among variables. In this area I was required to use research methods and research critique in the field of Communication.Communication research is the process by which participants exchange and assign meaning to messages.

In these two project introduced below I had to demonstrate understanding of the methods that can be used and applied in the research conducted in the field of communication. Research methods examines interpretations of speech and discourse as an approach to understanding both real life issues and advanced work in communication studies. I also had to demonstrate understanding of the methods that can be used and applied in the research conducted in the field of communication. Research methods examines interpretations of speech and discourse as an approach to understanding both real life issues and advanced work in communication studiesI have chosen to share two of my projects where I have completed research regarding social networking and the clothing brand, Converse.

The project below is a project regarding the clothing brand Converse. In this project I completed research, interviews and semiotic analysis. I am particularly interested in this topic because Converse has been the most popular brand for me when growing up in Sweden. After moving to the United States where the brand is originally created, I started to question the meaning of Converse and its status quo deepening on where someone lives. I in the project I provide a method and findings along with a literature review and coding sheet. I believe this study provides examples of different styling codes and status quo by wearing Converse. This paper explains different views people have on logos and identity depending on where they live and interact.

To access the “Semiotics Final Narrative Project”, please open this document:             https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I-nm8fX90vjRetho3uwr6OFJa8dH0YGi2lrA3EO3h3o/edit

The second project, “Uses and Gratifications Final Narrative Project”, I worked with another student, Brittney Lauren Boyd,  in order to complete the project. By researching we both believe this is important because social networking sites, especially Facebook, have grown so widely that everyone has a different reason why they have signed up to use it. We conducted our research with the goals to find why exactly people use Facebook. Our study shows the uses and gratifications of Facebook through an individual’s age and sex. Through this study we also see the needs that are held accountable to individuals through Facebook. It is interesting to understand why individuals signed up for this social networking site and why they continue to use it. What are Facebook’s uses to individuals? With this in mind, we believe our research provides unique findings.

Access to the “Uses and Gratifications Final Narrative Project”, please open this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n7d5oaS_0lrhNTo4s_dzMkPrB_dKPr9OtS20-JoaWho/edit


Practice Area:

In the area of practice the focus is to systematically be able to apply the process of strategies, and principles of communication into the society. The practice area is focusing on two characteristics which are Communication Competence and Social Responsibility. In the characteristics of Communication Competence I am able to demonstrate understanding of the practical skills in the field of communication. Communication competence draws special attention on developing effective questions and responses. Social Responsibility made em demonstrate the social responsibilities in the field of communication by engaging with the community.

 The first project is from the characteristics of Communication Competence where I created a project in my COMM 111 Interviewing class. This project is focusing on the increasing leadership traits that are required in the world today in any field. Being a leader and an educator is probably one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Making sure that a group of people are happy and successful enough to achieve a certain goal and vision takes a lot of skill, time and dedication. As an athlete and having the fourteen years of experience below my belt, I decided to investigate the coaching field and what specific skills are required to become a successful coach that is respected by his team and is able to lead them towards success.

To access the project and interview please open:                            https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cfc2IIzGl7xuRLxCrgG-j57clzZsAWGy-k2lRxgFlE0/edit


The second project that I would like to present is from the characteristics of Social Responsibility in the area of Practice. This project was created in my COMM 157 class where I was required to complete 48 hours of community service. This experience and process is very valuable to me and in my project, “Perspective on my role in community service-learning relative to identity, culture, societal influences and in the context of equality/inequality”, I explain the different findings regarding the experience at Sacred Heart community service program. The reason why I picked Sacred Heart was to learn more about the people and services being offered. I have always felt like an outsider since I am not raised here, and I was curious to see if the customers would treat me equal since they are also struggling to fit into the society. By volunteering at Sacred Heart in the clothing section I have discovered different views of equality and built new relationships with customers. I will introduce my motivation by meeting customers and the ability to help each person walking through the doors at Sacred Heart by the little things in life. I will explain how my own personal language barriers have helped others to understand each other followed by the donators at the site. Lastly I will provide some examples of equality and inequality along with the influence that Sacred Heart is giving me as a first generation student participating in service learning.

Please access my, “Perspective on my role in community service-learning relative to identity, culture, societal influences and in the context of equality/inequality” project, by opening this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o0jeCcZcyccaY8B459xzeQ2YFnbxeyxdNF_oQIUq6uw/edit

To read more about Sacred Heart please visit:                                                                                              http://www.sacredheartcs.org/

Thank you for your time!


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