Personal Statement

Hello and Welcome to my portfolio!

I would like to introduce my personal statement and description of my Communication Studies Bachelor degree at San Jose State University.By entering my portfolio you will have access to some of my projects and research that I have completed throughout my years at the University. You will also have access my resume and website. Enjoy!

Being able to clearly communicate and think critically in the workforce is a skill all employer’s desire. The Communication Studies major means that I have an advantage over my peers due to my ability to lead and understand today’s constantly connected world. My bachelor in Communication Studies have thought me the importance and the ability to put to practice effective communication techniques in the heart of Silicon Valley. By completing journals, interviews, projects, presentations, research I have developed skills of leadership, cultural influences, organizational communication etc.

By studying and practice the theories of communication studies in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, I have an advantage over my peers due to the constantly changing developments of technologies and the hard work ethic that is required. I have grown intellectually in many ways because of the projects and assignments in my four years at San Jose State University.


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